Diet and Nutrition

Even as the quantity of foods increase exponentially in our supermarkets, the lack of clean wholesome energetically compatible sources of nutrition in the western diet is dwindling rapidly. Our food sources are chemically and hormonally adulterated, and our portions exceed even the most lush settings at kings courts. Nutrition, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, is the key element to the post-heaven (after birth) energy reserves of our body and is known to be a key contributor to many of today's modern illnesses ranging from Diabetes, Auto-immune conditions and even cancer. Traditional Chinese Nutrition is an integrated part of ones lifestyle in china. From the ancient Taoist principles, come the fundamental dietary essentials still employed in modern Chinese nutrition. For example the five flavors and five colors of foods are practiced effectively to create a balanced, seasonal diet program that provides essential nutrients with minimal impact on the digestive system.

For Example:

  • Sour and Green foods are beneficial to the Liver
  • Bitter and Red foods are beneficial to the Heart
  • Sweet and Yellow foods are beneficial for Digestion
  • Pungent and White foods are especially good for the Lungs
  • Salty and Black foods are beneficial to the Kidneys


Nutritional Assessment and Counseling - Due to the nutrient-deficient foods most of us eat today, we are severely depleted from many nutrients. This deficient state creates a constant state of cellular starvation, which if continued long term, can create a host of health problems. To combat the effects of nutritional depletion, we conduct a thorough assessment of nutritional deficiencies to measure their impact on the cellular health of the patient. Based on this assessment, a complete, personalized nutritional protocol is recommended using whole-food-derived supplementation along with healthy food choices. After a blood laboratory report, the supplements and dietary guild lines are prescribed patients are then counseled every 2-3 weeks for nutritional improvements and any support they may need along the way to achieve their optimal health. It is highly recommended to have acupuncture treatments during the 1st month, it has been found to benefit the patient when they experience discomfort and stress with detoxing.