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Russell AcupunctureFertility:

After dealing with infertility for 3 years, having every treatment imaginable (including both fresh and frozen IVF procedures), suffering multiple miscarriages and spending thousands of dollars, my husband and I were both desperate and discouraged. We both began to think that children just were not going to be a part of our future. A friend told me about a woman who saw Rachel for fertility issues and encouraged me to seek Rachel's help.

My husband and I decided to do just one more IVF cycle. I thought that having acupuncture certainly could not hurt our chances for success. I started seeing Rachel at the same time that I began that IVF treatment. That IVF treatment led to the birth of our daughter. During those sessions, Rachel was not only an acupuncturist but a therapist, a confidante and a friend.

When we decided to try to have another baby, I called Rachel moments after I called the fertility doctor. I began treatments with Rachel immediately to get my body ready for the IVF. That IVF cycle produced our twin girls.

After years of struggling and heartache, we are the proud parents of three amazing daughters. We are busier than ever and could not be happier. We also made a lifelong friend in Rachel.

Alex V.
Sherman Oaks

Rachel was an indispensable resource to me during my fertility treatments. Aside from the actual acupuncture, she spent time answering questions and explaining things to me that my Western doctors simply wouldn't be able to take the time to do. She also caught things in my bloodwork that no one else had. My husband often teased me about how many of my sentences started with the words "Rachel said"! She is just excellent and I cannot recommend her strongly enough.

Kelli M.


I have had chronic pain in my shoulder for more than seven years. As a recreational road cyclist, I was riding as much as 150 miles a week and the posture was aggravating my shoulder making the pain even worse. I had been seeing doctors for years without any success or relief from the pain. Most of them simply advised me to stop riding.

Of course, when it is your passion they are asking you to give up, you dismiss advice like that. In 2012, I decided to really make a commitment to try everything I could think of and see if I couldn’t find a way to reduce my pain level. I started going to yoga, working with physical therapy and most importantly going to Rachel Russell for acupuncture regularly. The changes were subtle at first. I almost didn’t notice, until one day I had a bike ride that was so much better than it had been and I not only didn’t feel pain, I felt GOOD.

My shoulder pain has been a constant for me for so many years that I had almost given up hoping that I could ever live without it. After working with Rachel, P/T and yoga, my shoulder pain is not only tolerable, on many days it is gone entirely.

Michele H.
West Hills

First I'd like to say Rachel Russell is a healer!! I began seeing Rachel for shoulder injury about six months ago, after contemplating the necessary surgery that other doctors had recommended. My pain is gone, and now I am working to get my strength back. I have learned that acupuncture heals the entire body. With my shoulder mended Rachel began targeting other medical issues that I was concerned about. I now understand that the body is like a road map, everything is connected. So by unblocking the chi or energy, I have seen results in other areas,including decrease in heavy menstruation and cramping, more energy, and more sound sleep. However, the area that I have seen the most improvement is in the treatment of my Hypothyroidism. My thyroid problem is not textbook, so Dr. Russell conducted extensive research to treat my condition, including attending specific seminars with experts in the field of natural healing. I can say that as of today my lack of energy, and flu like symptoms that my thyroid produced are non existent.

Rachel is open minded and innovative always continuing to broaden her already great knowledge base. She is not opposed to integrating western medicine into my treatment plan only when she feels it will helpful and not without great consideration. DR. Russell is thorough with her explanations of the treatment plan so that I have a real understanding of the process. Her energy is calm and reassuring. My life has changed with these treatments. I have referred Rachel to many friends and family, all of whom have thanked me profusely.

Jayn K.
Woodland HIlls

I began seeing Rachel Russell for chronic shouler pain, neck pain as well as carpel tunnell. Since i have had significant pain relief in the neck and shoulder and complete pain relief with my carpel tunnel. As a result I am to work more as a writer and excerise, play with kids and sleep without pain. In addition Rachel helped improve my thriod condition and dietary issues which as a whole resulted in better overall health and energy levels. I would and will absolutly recommend Dr. Russell in the future.

Aimee M.

I have been a patient of Russell Acupuncture for the past year and half. Rachel has helped me with a great many issues that have been missing by other doctors.

The best way I can describe my experience, without getting into too much details, is that her approach is to treat the underlying problems and health issues, not just the major problem. For example, such as in my case, the correlation between back pain and diet. And, treatments were through nature routes (and not simply being giving Ibuprofen and shown the door, such as, my past doctors!)

On top of that is one of the nicest people you will ever meet! She is energetic, passionate, warm, friendly, honest, knowledgeable, approachable and extremely professional and organized. She is understanding, flexible and very easy to work with. It's always easy to schedule an appointment that fits my schedule.

I would highly recommend acupuncture treatment along with other treatment methods from Russell Acupuncture to everyone.

Tatyana M.
Los Angeles

Misc Conditions:

Having never tried acupuncture before, I decided to explore it as an alternative to some more 'traditional' treatments. I found Dr. Russell on the internet and she has been a true blessing! She is warm, responsive and knowledgeable. I felt comfortable with her from the first appointment and began seeing results almost immediately. She truly cares about my wellness and after about three months of treatment, my situation has improved dramatically. I can honestly say that working with Dr. Russell has changed my life! I would recommend her to anyone seeking an alternative or complimentary approach to Western medicine.

Danielle W.
Agoura Hills

Since moving to Woodland Hills/Topanga from W. Hollywood via Colorado, my allergies increased dramaticly. I'd also been experiencing inconsistent digestion and low energy levels. Since getting treatments by Rachel, my conditon has improved 99%! INCREDIBLE! I've never seen greater improvment in treating allergies that ive been suffering my entire life. What a difference! It's as if a disability has vanished from my life. Rachel researched my history and took the time to dicocver what would work for me. My other conditions also improved dramatically and as long as i do as Dr. Russell has directed, the conditions do not return. In 15 years of beging treated by serverl acupuncturists and westewrn doctors, i have NEVER had i been so satisfied as with Rachel,s care. I absoluelty would recommend Rachel she is the BEST i've ever benn to. She is a very naturally healing and insightful person whos also dilligent in her continued education and research into contantly imporving her already deep knolwlegde and understanding of human health. She is also very warm, calming, happy and NOT ego driven.

Joe Z.
Woodland Hills

She is the best! The office is clean and private. Rachel is extremely knowledgeable and warm. She really listens to your needs. I am going on two years seeing her on a regular basis. She has been successful in treating my various needs. I have always been able to get in to see her. She is quick to respond via email to any questions or changes I need to make. So lucky to have found her. Not only is she a fabulous acupuncturist she has a wonderful bedside manner and is truly a wonderful person. That is not always and easy combination to find.

Elana H.
Woodland Hills

Rachel Russell is a life saver. After over a year of suffering with headaches and light headedness, having MRI's, xrays, steroids, migraine meds, and seeing countless doctors and specialists at UCLA Westside with no resolution, I came in tears to try acupuncture. Dr. Russell, reviewed ALL my tests, took thorough notes, discussed treatment with me and we started the process. I really appreciated the fact that she knew all about Western medicine and medications. I consider Rachel's treatment "miraculous" because my symptoms went away and she has continued to treat me for other things since. I see her once a week and don't mind paying out of pocket since my insurance doesn't cover it. I'll take Rachel's knowledge and expertise over a bunch of drugs that don't work or mask the symptoms any day.

Laura A.
West Hills

I started going to Russell Acupuncture several years ago when my conventional doctor and gastrointestinal doctor were not able to help me. I was on 3 medications and having incredible side effects. Rachel helped me through reading my labs, providing lifestyle management tips, and providing acupuncture. I am glad to say that I am medication free and symptom free now and continue to see Rachel on a regular basis.

Valerie W.
Thousand Oaks